Dollhouse Sent to the Attic

Apparently Fox announced the cancellation of Dollhouse five days ago and I missed it.

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I’m annoyed. Not because Dollhouse was canceled; I expected this.

What really bothers me is that this show never had a chance, and they kept it instead of giving Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles an opportunity to shine. Terminator had a devoted and growing fan-base, much like that of Firefly. Dollhouse, while it has devoted fans, they don’t have the same passion, simply because it isn’t as good as Firefly or Terminator ever were.

Making this even sadder, is the fact that Dollhouse finally started hitting its stride in the last three or four episodes; it was starting to shine. Too little too late.

Fox should have canceled Dollhouse last season and let Terminator live for a little while longer.

Dollhouse will eventually air its remaining episodes, then it will be sent to the attic.

Your thoughts?

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