Guitar Hero Van Halen Review

I received this game for free in the mail a few weeks ago. It came as a promotion for purchasing Guitar Hero 5; a stellar game.

The Good:

It’s Guitar Hero. If you like pressing five colored buttons and strumming really quickly, then you will probably be pleased to have some new songs to play.

Some of the later songs are quite difficult which is essential for seasoned players.

If you love David Lee Roth era Van Halen, then you should be happy with the track list.

All songs come unlocked.

Shredding on Eruption was the high point of the game.

The Not So Good:

The graphics are dated.

The character models look uninterested and awkward. Graphics don’t make the game in Guitar Hero, but this version is still a noticeable step back as compared to Guitar Hero 5.

"Gee Dad, we sure look like shit!"

Some of the non-Van Halen songs are downright odd. The Offspring’s Pretty Fly (for a White Guy), and Fountain of Wayne’s Stacey’s Mom standout as the oddest songs in the game. Why they are included is beyond me.

The Ugly:

If you were hoping for some Sammy Hagar era Van Halen… I’ve got nothing for ya. Not a single Van-Hagar track in the game.

Guitar Hero Van Halen feels hollow, like no one from Activision or the Van Halen camp gave a crap about it while it was in production. No love, no heart, and no fun unless you have particular attachment to the songs in the game.

The Bottom-line:

I received this game for free and I didn’t want to play it for more than twenty minutes. It’s completely uninspired.

When you compare it to a refined game like The Beatles Rock Band, it looks even worse. The Beatles Rock Band was created with the utmost care and love. It’s creators carefully covered all of the band’s eras, and paid homage to their history.

Guitar Hero Van Halen leaves out significant portions of Van Halen’s history, ignores tons of great songs, and mixes in music that is remarkably out of place.

I got what I paid for. If you plan to shell-out money to get this game, do yourself a favor and buy something else.

Guitar Hero Van Halen is a steaming pile of poo.

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One thought on “Guitar Hero Van Halen Review

  1. That’s a shame because if any Guitar Hero game should shine, it should be a VH one. Flying Dutchman and all.

    No problem with it being all DLR. Really…VH is DLR and DLR is VH. Yes, I enjoy the Sammy Hagar era, and the other guy (from Extreme) didn’t really occur…we all know that. VH is late ’70s to mid-80s. Really, it is. Yes, some good songs came out of the collaboration with with Sam. But really…VH is a red and white guitar, a Jack Daniels base, a headband on the drummer and lycra and flowing blonde locks on the lead singer. Sammy…we love’d ya…but you ain’t Van Halen.

    Those graphics….poo is too kind a word.

    Maybe you got Fountains Of Wayne because they are a NJ-band and you now are a NJ-dude.

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