Mystery Google Search

The Mystery Google is a pretty cool idea… with very little functional benefit other than a fun waste of a minute.

You go to the website, and type in any search phrase. I recommend you search “geek whisperer.”

Then you search, however you will not see the search results for “geek whisperer,” you will see something completely different.

The way it works is that you will always see the search query that the person before you input. So the next person to run a Mystery Search will see your “geek whisperer” search results.

Not functional, but interesting.

But wait, there’s more. I’m going to try and turn this into something that is functional.

If you search “geek whisperer” on the Mystery Search, you will be doing me a favor because you will be funneling traffic to my site (provided the searcher after you clicks the link).

Think of it as a tiny holiday gift for your friendly neighborhood Geek Whisperer.

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