Firing Up a PS3 & Uncharted 2

I finally caved and acquired a PS3. After years of resisting the purchase, Sony had finally answered all but one of my reasons not to buy.

  1. There aren’t enough exclusive games that I want to play.
    Uncharted 2
    , Demon’s Soul, and the forthcoming Heavy Rain & God of War III are more than enough enticement for me.
  2. The price is bonkers.
    The system was wayyyyy too expensive for my tastes, but the recent price drop to $300 put Sony’s black box on my radar.
  3. No one I know has one.
    Gaming is a social experience for me. I like to play and talk about the games with friends. Basically no one I knew had one… until I started working at Local Wisdom. Granted Sony had nothing to do with this, but it was still an issue.
  4. The controller is uncomfortable.
    I don’t have small hands, and PlayStation controllers always feel tiny to me. They make my hands cramp. This is still a problem, but I’ll get over it.

Quick Out of the Box Review

The system is very pretty, and runs almost silent.

It doesn’t come with any HD cables whatsoever. I knew it, but I forgot anyway. I find this pretty obnoxious because HD TVs are so prolific these days, and a major selling feature of the PS3 is the HD/ BluRay experience. You can’t have hi def if you don’t have hi def cables. Fail.

The PS3’s operating system is clunky as hell. It really underscored the greatness of the Xbox 360’s user interface (which makes you forget that it was designed by Microsoft).

While the hardware in the PS3 is excellent, the software is lacking.

Uncharted 2

Haven’t had time to post much because of personal obligations, and my trip to the Himalayas.

Well not like this guy went to the Himalayas… I’ve been playing Uncharted 2 on my shiny new PS3, and that’s where a bunch of the game takes place.

Uncharted 2 is easily the most enthralling video games I have ever experienced. The story, characters, voices, dialog, landscapes, physics, gameplay, and camera motion are mind-blowing. I started playing the game in front of my family, and they actually started watching, and stayed. Over the course of my 22 year gaming career, that has never happened. It’s like playing a really good movie.

(I recommend clicking through to YouTube and watching this in HD)

Rest assured I will be writing more about it once I have conquered it.

Your thoughts?

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