Survivor & Tweets in My Google Search

My guilty pleasure Survivor, came to another spectacular end this evening. If you are mocking me in my head right now, all I’ve got to say is don’t judge it till you try it. The show is awesome and contagious.

This season was especially killer.

During tonight’s finale, they teased next season, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. Starting February 11th, 20 past survivors will be split into two tribes. One will have 10 past survivors who were known for virtue, and 10 who were known for vice.

I googled to see if I could find a list, and I think I found one. If this is it, I am pretty pumped. It has a lot of my favorites from the past few years.

There be Tweets in my Google

While googling the subject I noticed live tweets being pumped into my Google search results. It was interesting to see, and a good move on Google’s part. I’m curious if this will be common place on Google or if it will only be for trending topics.

I love Survivor, and the comic geek in me is easily excited by the prospect of a battle of good and evil (or misunderstood).

Your thoughts?

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