New Year’s Twilight Zone Marathon

I am not a man with many traditions, but I spend January 1st planted firmly on my couch watching as much Twilight Zone as my body and mind can withstand.

In fact, I watch so much Twilight Zone on January 1st, that I think they should start shooting new episodes so that they can make one about it.

I deleted everything from my DVR except for the “Bono” episode of South Park, and a Heart concert that I can’t bring myself to erase.

The marathon begins tomorrow, December 31st at 8 AM on the Syfy channel, and it will continue uninterrupted until 6 AM on January 2nd.

WTF is with the Sci Fi rebrand?

In case you are wondering, the classic William Shatner episode, “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet*” will air at 6 PM on December 31st. The following episode, “The Odyssey of Flight 33” might be my favorite, and that one is at 6:30. Set your DVR.

* The TSA has already announced plans to ban gremlins from flying on the wings of airliners.

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