Who Cares What Ron Jeremy Thinks? (UPDATED)

I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, The Occasional Superheroine when I stumbled upon this headline:

“Ron Jeremy Says Violent Video Games Worse Than Porn”

She quotes a PC Magazine article:

Jeremy insisted that the industry only caters to the over-18 crowd. “We don’t want kids to watch porn,” he told the crowd. Though if they do, he added, there are far worse influences out there — like video games. “[Studies have] found that violent video games are much bigger a negative influence on kids.”

And a rebuttal from Kotaku:

“Maybe in a whole-numbers sense Jeremy’s comment could be accurate, but I guess that would depend on violent video games being consumed by minors in numbers greater than porn. And honestly, I’m not too sure about that. So [citation needed], Ron.”

The back and forth got me thinking…

Who the hell cares what 56 year-old (yes I did look that up) porn star thinks about the impact of porn or video games on children?

Of course he doesn’t think his profession is doing anything bad.

That being said, I can’t seem to find anything seriously wrong with either.

Everyone needs to grow up.

Images of sex don’t harm youth, acting like sex is a shameful act does.

Video games don’t make kids murder, chemical imbalances and/or neglect do.

… And by the way, Mr. Jeremy appeared as himself in the video game adaptation of “Celebrity Deathmatch.” Last I checked, that was a fighting game.


As commenter Crix Lee pointed out, Jeremy retracted his comments.

“… I’m an expert in porn not videogames…”

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