Plasma Rockets & the NASA Budget

Well, they don’t actually make it smaller, but plasma rockets will make Space travel a whole lot shorter.

To and from Mars in 39 days shorter (It takes a year with conventional rockets to travel one way to Mars).

Check out this video for some serious innovation.

It may be very Cold War of me to say, but space travel still very important and needs proper funding.

While I’m on the subject of Space, I have a thought or two about NASA.

NASA outright fucked up a lot in my lifetime.

They blew up two manned shuttles in avoidable disasters, spent years fixing a space telescope that didn’t work properly when they launched it, buried a probe in Mars because they mixed up units of measure, and now the cocaine scandal.

Not much of a resume.

As a consequence, I didn’t grow up enamored with NASA. I never experienced the days of astronauts as international icons.

However, I deeply believe in NASA’s mission. NASA is about what’s next, even if we don’t know what’s next. Their research has lead to tons of safety gear, consumer, and industrial products (Products Derived From Space Exploration). We know more about the Universe, and our place in it thanks to NASA.

A little over one hundred years ago, the concept of human flight was hardly conceivable. In a century, it went from inconceivable, to expensive and glamorous, and finally to everyday and tedious (Painful if you fly US Airways).

Time moves quickly. What was new becomes old at an ever increasing rate. That’s why NASA needs funding. Funding that will allow it to continue to do research that doesn’t necessarily have a practical intent. Great and unexpected things can emerge from such research.

Besides, NASA hasn’t gotten it all wrong. They launched the Mars Rover, and it was supposed to work for 90 days. It lasted five years. Religions festivals happen yearly to honor events that are far less miraculous and impressive.

I truly hope that the Obama Administration doesn’t stifle NASA by gutting its budget.

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