Browser Cookies – Fact vs. Fiction

Lifehacker has a great post up about the facts and many myths about browser cookies.

Here are the facts, and myths they cover:

  • “Myth: Cookies Spy On You and Track Everything You Are Doing”
  • “Myth: Cookies Are Viruses or Spyware and Create Spam and Popups”
  • “Fact: Spyware and Viruses Can Read Your Cookies, but So What?”
  • “Fact: Cookies are Used by Advertisers to Track Sites You Visit”
  • “Fact: Disabling Cookies Doesn’t Matter If You Have Flash Enabled”

The bottom line is that cookies aren’t really a problem, and blocking them will generally make your life more difficult.

I strongly recommend you give it a look – Fact and Fiction: The Truth About Browser Cookies

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