Web Seer Peers Into Our Collective Soul

Web Seer is a tool that allows you to type in two partial or full search queries. Then it outputs and compares Google’s suggested search terms (the ones that pop up as you’re typing). Those suggested terms are based on common search phrases that people are actually typing into Google.

I ran a few innocuous search terms such as “Xbox 360” & “PS3,” then I ran some relationship based ones like,  “How can I get my boyfriend” & “How can I get my girlfriend.” The results are interesting in both cases, however the boyfriend/ girlfriend ones made my soul vomit.

Click to zoom

Brace yourself for the next one…

Click to zoom

I did a number of different variations of this, and every single one made me sad.

One last though.

If you are one of those people who is looking to push your significant other into breaking up with you, grow the hell up and end things yourself.

Go and give the Web Seer a try. It’s a lot of fun until it makes you jaded.

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