Arm the Iranians with Communication Technology

This is a weapon:

This is a weapon:

This is a weapon:

This is a weapon:

This is a weapon:

Oppressive governments always take two crucial steps to try and crush uprisings.

  • Take away the peoples’ guns
  • Disrupt the flow of ideas

Before the Internet, anti-government ideas were whispered from person to person, and documented in pamphlets. Today, they are emailed, blogged, and tweeted.

The Internet is a tool of revolution: economic revolution, technological revolution, communication revolution, and social revolution.

Governments know this. It’s why China tries to filter what its people view; why the US wants our web activity saved for two years; and why the Iranian Government has blocked Gmail, sent armed thugs to search homes, and seize satellite dishes as well as cell phones.

February 11th is the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, and anti-government protests are supposed to take place. The Iranian Government is scrambling to prevent them.

Today, my thoughts are with the protesters. Any people who seek to seize freedom from oppressors have my respect. I wish them luck, and hope that they are successful.

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