Teach Your Children To Keep Passwords Secret

Children aren’t going to understand the importance of keeping passwords secret unless you explain it to them.

I had a conversation with a guy the other day, and he told me about his son’s personal password tragedy. The kid really liked an online game. He played it often and accumulated a lot of valuable in-game items; magic swords and armor. One day another guy in the game convinced his son to give up his password. The guy stole all of his son’s equipment and left his character essentially naked.

The bright-side of this story is that his son learned a valuable lesson about password protection, privacy, and security within the safety of a game. As upset as the child was, the damage wasn’t irreparable.

My message is simple, teach your children to keep passwords secret.

After you teach them, they can choose to ignore you as a teenager… But that will be on them, you did your job.

Teach your children to practice safe computing.

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