Airport PC & American Airlines Fail

In the midst of my relaxing evening, I started looking through a few months worth of photos on my camera. I found one from my trip to Boise, Idaho for my friend Sasha’s wedding.

On my way to and from her nuptials, I had the flights from hell, in large part because American Airlines absolutely blows. They have old uncomfortable planes, mean or indifferent flight attendants, nasty gate attendants, and their customer service people aren’t empowered to do much of anything but waste your time. I’ve flown American Airlines few times over the years, and have always been uncomfortable, and disappointed. I will go to great lengths to avoid flying their shitty airline again.

Moving on.

While I was in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in the middle of my journey, I was mad as hell at America Airlines, but immediately cracked up when I saw this on an arrival monitor:

This error message brought a smile to my face.

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