YouTube Redesign

(This is for real)

I have to give YouTube credit, they did a really nice job on their redesign.

Upon navigating to it last night, I immediately liked the new look; it feels natural, and unique.

I also approve of their removal of the 5 star rating system. Most videos on YouTube were 4 or 5 stars anyway; it was meaningless.

I know how much thought, debate, passion, and tear are necessary for a redesign of this magnitude. They did a bang-up job, and for that, I salute them.

You can read about the changes on the YouTube Blog, or just go look at the site.

3 thoughts on “YouTube Redesign

  1. I think the redesign is one of the worse mainstream design moves ever. No solid and charismatic color scheme (in fact, we barely have a color scheme at all!!! It’s all white!!!), no borders, which makes everything a mess, and loads of on mouse hover effects, which we (designers) all know is something to be passionately avoided whenever possible. I’m ok with the drop downs, though.

  2. A week later, the look isn’t doing anything for me, but I still like the functionality (and that’s the angle I usually look at things from).

    Vimeo is a lot nicer.

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