Let “Steel Panther” Loose on Your Weekend

Steel Panther is comedy hair metal act from Las Vegas that was introduced to me by on again, off again, TGW contributer, Arielle.

This post is going up late on Friday because I don’t recommend viewing these videos at work.

The first up, is my personal favorite, Community Property.

Next is Death To All But Metal, with a special appearance by Sarah Silverman.

Here’s a live recording of Eye of the Panther. It’s a little hard to hear, but I’m including it so you can see that they are real (You’re going to have to click through to YouTube to watch this one).

When I looked them up on iTunes, I found all of these songs along with other soon-to-be classics such as Turn Out the Lights, The Shocker, Asian Hooker, Fat Girl, Stripper Girl, Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’, Sexy Santa, and then of all things a straight up cover of Don’t Stop Believin’.

Shockingly enough, this is actually a solid cover of the Journey anthem. It’s not the real thing, but it’s better than most of the other Don’t Stop Believin’ covers I’ve heard; they usually suck.

If I have a chance to see Steel Panther live, I will.

Your thoughts?

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