AT&T is Rebranding

Rebranding: It’s easier to change your brand than your actions.

AT&T’s new slogan is “Rethink Possible.”

They even made a Flash video to go with this rebranding.

Here are a few phrases from that video that really stood out to me:

“Expand your boundaries of can… Outsmart can’t… Rethink Possible”

Why did they standout?


AT&T’s flagship product is the iPhone, and it CAN’T do Flash. It won’t do Flash. Not now. Not ever.

So, you CAN’T watch this stupid video on your iPhone. It’s not POSSIBLE.

Finally, whatever money AT&T is spending on this rebranding should really be spent on fixing their network.

AT&T’s network is their problem. They sell good phones, and there is nothing wrong with their logo or colors.

This is some serious jackassery.

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