Fight the Tyranny of the ACTA Treaty

The ACTA Treaty is a very serious threat to privacy, security, and freedom. You can learn all about it in my previous post:

Scary Secret Copyright Treaty: From Music to Purses, This is Bad News

Here’s what BoingBoing wrote about how to fight this monster:

The PublicACTA activists have been meeting in Wellington, New Zealand — site of the next round of negotiations on the secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement — drafting a declaration on how the next global copyright treaty should read, and how it should be negotiated.

The “Wellington Declaration” says that the world copyright treaties shouldn’t be conducted behind closed doors in smoke-filled rooms, but rather in the full light of public participation at the United Nations, where copyright treaties are customarily made. The UN admits non-governmental organizations, journalists, and representatives from poor countries, while ACTA is only open to rich countries and lobbyists from powerful corporations.

The Declaration says that copyright treaties should preserve the flexibility to make unauthorised use for purposes consistent with the public interest, from criticism to education; it says that privacy should be protected in copyright law, rejecting the principle that we should all be spied upon in case we are infringing on copyright; that web-hosts and search engines should be protected from liability rather than charged with policing their users; that DRM is not part of copyright and shouldn’t be in a copyright treaty; that Internet access is a human right and that disconnection from the net for accusations of infringement is disproportionate and unjust; and that damages for infringement should be reasonable. It asks that criminal sanctions for copyright be reserved for genuinely criminal acts, non casual sharing.

In short, the Wellington Declaration says a bunch of extremely sensible things that, if implemented, would give us a much better world.

Tonight, they are collecting signatures on the Declaration, and tomorrow morning, they will present it to the ACTA negotiators as they sit down to plot the world’s future in New Zealand.

I’ve signed it. I think we all should.

Please do your part to help fight ACTA, so that one day you don’t have to tell your kids what privacy was, or how freedom of speech worked. Let them experience it for themselves.

I never sign Internet petitions, but I refuse to stand idly by while politicians give away or Constitutional rights. If you take a look at the petitions, you will proudly see my name displayed.

Please add your name to it as well.


You can sign the petition here:

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