“South Park” Turns 200

Tonight, South Park turns 200, episodes that is.

The masters of hyperbole have really done an incredible thing with South Park. It’s brilliant yet lowbrow, and mature yet juvenile. How it has managed to remain good over the years is a real tribute to the show’s writing staff.

Last week’s episode was a magnificent lampooning of Facebook users, and is well worth the 20 minutes it takes to watch it – “You Have 0 Friends.”

You can view every one of South Park’s episodes on southparkstudios.com.

If you are looking for some great ones, here are a few of my favorites:

More Crap (Learn the super secret dark past of U2’s Bono)

Make Love, Not Warcraft (The absolute best parody of gamers)

Bloody Mary (From AA to miracles, this one is viciously funny)

Douche and Turd (This is my favorite pop culture commentary on the American two party political system, they also take a good swing at PETA for good measure)

Woodland Critter Christmas (Introduces the most evil characters ever conceived)

2 thoughts on ““South Park” Turns 200

  1. Some shows lose their luster after this long, but South Park has managed to stay fresh. With quick production times, the writers manage to stay current and address popular social issues while they’re playing out or shortly afterward. This, combined with the flexibility of the animation media, has made for an entertaining series.

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