Be Patient, Don’t Switch to 3D TV

A few people have emailed in with questions regarding 3D televisions. My advice is to wait.

3D televisions are new, and therefore they are expensive.

If you decide to go 3D on the cheap, it will still cost something in the neighborhood of $2,000.

You will need:

  • 3D television: $1,600 (for a crappy one) – $4,000
  • IR emitter: $100 (if you went with a cheap TV, you will need one of these)
  • Glasses: $100 a pair
  • 3D Blu-ray player (you need a special one too, PS3 will receive an update in a few months that will make 3D capable)

Give it a year or two, and the price will fall, while the quality will rise. Even if you buy a great 3D TV today, it will most likely be junk in two years.

Lastly, there isn’t much 3D content yet. Avatar and Up are pretty much the extent of solid 3D TV at the moment. Unless you are a rabid Avatar fanboy, I can assure you that you will be happier if you wait.

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