Interesting Infographics

TUAW has an great map showing the density of Apple users in the US. Based on this I bet that there is a correlation between owning an Apple and voting for Democrats.

Now Sourcing has 10 interesting infographics on social media:

They are:

  • World Map of Social Networks
  • Age Distribution on Social Network Sites
  • Social Media Periodic Table of Elements
  • The Conversation Prism
  • The Boom of Social Sites
  • Make Social Media Work For Your Company
  • Hubspot Twitter Territory
  • How Twitter Got Attacked by DDOS
  • Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment V.2
  • Visualizing 6 Years of Facebook

3 thoughts on “Interesting Infographics

  1. Probably not a strong correlation. The big cluster of Apple users in the center of the country (Kansas and others) are all red states. And there are few users at the Great Lakes, all blue states.

  2. @Paradigm – Urban areas in the US almost always favor Democrats, even in states that are identified as “red states.” For example, New York City is predominately Democratic, while Upstate New York is largely Republican. The high population in NYC usually makes Democratic victories a certainty, resulting in New York’s “blue state” label in the media. That doesn’t mean that the state at large supports Democrats. That seems evident on this map.

    Places like Colorado, and Nevada, if my memory serves, have oddly mixed demographics due to many transplanted residents.

    I’m sure that there are many other factors, such as proximity to other Mac users (people buy the same things their friends have), and economic factors (Macs aren’t cheap).

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