The Truth About HDMI Cables

Ever notice how expensive HDMI cables, or just about any other cable is in a major retail chain are?

They price-gouge the hell out of cables, and it’s wrong.

These expensive Monster Cables do not give you a better digital signal, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar (more on the truth about these cables in a moment).

These retails take advantage of a few things to squeeze more money out of you wallet before you go home to enjoy your new device:

  • Misinformation & misunderstanding – They say these cables are better, and consumers don’t know any better
  • Nothing else available – Some stores don’t carry anything but Monster Cables, so if you want to use your new TV today, you need to cough up some more cash (or they keep the cheap ones out of sight… kind of like the Kennedy’s did with Rosemary)
  • Price = Value – This is often true, but it isn’t an absolute… When you buy Monster, you are paying for a pretty cable and a brand name

So, here’s an infographic from The Rip that breaks down the facts and fictions of cables:

Don’t get sucked into buying unnecessarily expensive cables. Buy your cables from MonoPrice, it’s the place where every self-respecting geek buys their cables (and I have absolutely no affiliation with them, it’s the truth).

Your thoughts?

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