Spammers Have No Reason To Live

Imagine this…

Your job is to wake up every morning, sit down at your computer, and spend the rest of your day coming up with new ways to spread crap links all over the Internet.

Those crap links range from malicious viruses, to phishing sites attempting to steal identities, to piss-poor retailers… You know, quality stuff with an obvious benefit to humanity.

It’s clear that the rest of the web community hates your stinking guts. They spend tons of effort and cash trying to come up with new ways to block your new methods of spamming. It’s a game of cat and mouse, except the mouse is an asshole, and the cat would prefer that the mouse didn’t exist at all.

You offer nothing of value to the world, and choose to make a living by leeching off the uneducated, elderly, and children.

That’s pretty much the life of a spammer.

I don’t advocate violence, but as I read the book, Daemon by Daniel Suarez last year, I came upon a chapter where the mass-murder of spammers around the world was essentially crowd-sourced. Thousands of spammers were executed simultaneously around the globe. Reading that made me feel like the world was a better place for just a few seconds… before I realized that these jackasses are still around because the book was fiction.

My point here is not, “kill all the spammers.” My point really is that everyone should do something of value with their lives.

How the hell can a professional spammer get up in the morning and feel even remotely good about life?

My other point is be wary of spam.

Always practice safe computing.

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