Thoughts On the “Mass Effect” Movie

Legendary Pictures purchased the rights to make a movie of the hit video game series Mass Effect.

The story of Mass Effect is essentially all of the greatest space operas slammed into one, then put into video game form.

Sounds like a good starting point for a movie, right?

Normally I would agree, but the core of Mass Effect is that the game is a different experience based on who you are, and how you play. My Mass Effect experience is different from yours, because we are different people, and we will inevitably choose to interact with the Universe in different ways.

A Mass Effect movie will take a fluid user-driven story, and nail it down to a prescribed plot.

The name Mass Effect is supposed to have two meaning:

  • The name of technology used in your ship
  • Your decisions have mass effects

The bottom-line?

I’m not thrilled about this concept. Even if they make a great movie, it will still miss the point.

My review of Mass Effect 2

Your thoughts?

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