Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amp

This little amp that my girlfriend gave me for my birthday is about 9x9x6. It’s small, light, and portable.

It’s also loud enough that I am certain I could piss off my neighbor with it… Although that’s not my goal. I asked for a small amp because my larger one always pissed them off.

The Roland Micro Cube has a lot of cool features for a tiny amp. It mimics a wide variety of different “classic” amplifiers, and it comes with a few effects.

JC Clean

This is basically the Roland Jazz Chorus Amp. Bust out the jazz chords; Little Wing sounds great on this setting.

Black Panel

Sounds like many Fender Amps. It’s versatile, and great from most classic rock sounds.

Brit Combo

Has the low gain sound of a Vox AC 30. Good for clean tones. This setting works well for bluesy songs.

Stack Classic

Modeled on a Marshall stack. This is excellent for big sounds and hard rock. Think Cream, Zeppelin, and AC/DC.


This sounds like a heavy metal boutique amp. There’s a ton of gain, it’s super crunchy, and very badass.

Acoustic & Mic

They do exactly what the names suggest.


Chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo: If you use them correctly, they sound good. Use them incorrectly, and they are really goofy.

Delay: This works very well, allowing you to have a slight echo, or have your notes hang in there long after your strummed them.

Reverb: Also has a nice range to it. On low settings it give your tone a nice presence, on higher settings it really creates a nice wet reverb sound.


The Roland Micro Cube is small, so don’t expect to gig with it. It’s also solid-state, and not tube driven, so it can’t produce the full sounds of the amps that it models, but for its size, and price ($125ish), it’s a great amp.

Back to rocking out.

One thought on “Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amp

  1. I had a bigger version of this amp for the longest time and absolutely fell in love with it. Best practice amp I ever had. Made for some nice recordings too.

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