Versace “Unique” Phone

Versace is preparing to launch their cellphone, the “Unique.”

The device, which is hand-assembled in France, will feature a face made of high-tech ceramic or lacquer with either an 18-karat gold or stainless steel finish. The back is covered in handcrafted leather, in a palette ranging from pink and purple to black, and embossed with the brand’s Medusa head logo. The hardware was engineered by South Korean giant LG Electronics, which also has teamed up with Prada on two mobile phones (Source).

The low-end version of the phone with the stainless steel finish will retail for $6,747, while the gold finish model will cost $8,464.

Over a year ago when Motorola began selling the “Aura” for $2,000, I thought it was nuts, but predicted the beginning of a designer phone market. It turns out I was right, and since then, designer phones have gone from quiet mumbling to yourself crazy, to running around naked in the streets speaking in tongues psychotic.

I am curious to meet the kind of individual who looks at at a nine thousand dollar phone with sub-par software, and thinks, “My life is not complete without that.” I think I could make a lot of money with a list of Versace Unique buyers.

Your thoughts?

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