Steve Jobs Presentation Failure

During Steve’s unveiling of the iPhone 4, he had an unexpected difficulty during his presentation; no Wi-Fi.

When he attempted to access the Internet via his demo phones, they failed to connect seemingly due to the volume of devices logged into Wi-Fi at the presentation.

He then asked, “You know you could help me out, if you’re on Wi-Fi if you could just get off… Well we’re having a little problem here” (Engadget).

Yeah Steve, asking a room full of tech writers to stop live blogging/ tweeting your announcements is going to work really well.

I’m confused as to why he had the problem in the first place. It seems to me that he should have had a dedicated Wi-Fi access point on stage that was independent of the audience’s Wi-Fi.

Nevertheless, blaming the audience is weak.

2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Presentation Failure

  1. He did – he had multiple dedicated access points. There were 576 access points in that room. For 2500 people. But they all plug into the same set of switches. And here lies the problem. LOL

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