Viacom PWNED on Piracy

This video requires no introduction, as it explains itself.

Viacom’s lawsuit against YouTube is not just an attack on the video sharing network, it is an attack on everyday Internet users. Their attempt to artificially increase the value of content copyrighted by big corporations would have countless, and far-reaching consequences.

Help the cause by asking Viacom for, “Where is Jonathan Coulton’s $37.00?”

Here is my note to Viacom:


My name is David Spira, and I write the blog

As a writer, amateur musician, media connoisseur, and netizen, I am curious when you will be mailing Jonathan Coulton’s his royalty check for $37.00?

While we are on the subject, the popularity of many of your television programs benefited from online video sharing. Evidence of this is the simple fact that your content was viewed enough that you cared to sue in the first place.

Please drop the lawsuit and settle with YouTube for a reasonable sum of money. Frivolous and/or excessive lawsuits are a blight on our society.


David B. Spira
The Geek Whisperer

Found by way of Gizmodo.

Your thoughts?

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