E3 2010 Highlights Part Two

I know, my first post was “Day One,” but life got in the way of my four day, four highlight posts plan.

Onto the highlights!

Nintendo had a lot of big announcements:

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

This is going to be a hit.

The art direction is a happy medium between the art of Twilight Princess & Wind Waker. It also looks like it’s maxing out the graphics capabilities of the Wii.

Epic Mickey

It’s Mickey Mouse travels through a wasteland of forgotten Disney locals and characters. He uses paint to repair the world, and paint-thinner to erase things. It’s a deliberately darker take on the Disney mascot, and that’s cool… But I was hoping for something grittier.



The movie debuted in 1995.

The game felt delayed when it was released in 1997, but it was great. Goldeneye was revolutionary in 1997. Hell, it was good for years. However it doesn’t hold up in a world with franchises like Halo and Call of Duty. Anyone who says differently is selling you something…

I understand leaning on old and trusted properties like Mario, Zelda, Mickey, and Donkey Kong, but this one is weak.

Nintendo 3DS

It’s a 3D handheld without the stupid glasses. Based on the previews, and the reaction of people who’ve handled it, this is the first handheld that I have thought about buying since the Game Boy Color in 1998.

I’m curious if it will make me motion-sick.

No 3D glasses = Win

Notable games that were demoed include:

  • Paper Mario
  • Star Fox
  • Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus Uprising

This 3DS game looks awesome, and a Kid Icarus sequel is long overdue.

There’s still a lot of stuff stuff to talk about from E3.

More to come…

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