The Wonder Woman Costume Redesign Debacle

Wonder Woman was given a new costume about two weeks ago. The reaction from fans has been mixed, while the reaction from people who like seeing the American flag on everything has been terrible.

New costume sketch by Jim Lee from Bleeding Cool

Fox News decided that they needed to elevate the debate:

Wonder Woman may have finally been given a pair of pants, but has she been stripped of her patriotism?

Are you kidding?

She isn’t wearing star-spangled underwear, so that is an issue of patriotism.

Let’s be real. The new costume is alright. The jacket is lame, and the boots are a little odd, but the costume is alright.

Now, even if you accept that this is a valid, newsworthy political issue, her old costume violated the US Flag Code left and right. The patriotic hardliners who really care about the politics of Wonder Woman’s undies should probably take that into account.

Your thoughts?

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