Must Read Blog: OkTrends

The highest praise I can give a blog is that I have gone back and read every word of every post in it. OkTrends is one of those blogs.

OkTrends is the blog for the free online dating site OkCupid. I don’t use the dating site, but if I was going to use a dating site, this is the one I would use.

The founders of OkCupid use the data collected from their users to conduct incredibly interesting research about interpersonal relationships, and online dating. They compare what people report about themselves, to what they actually do in practice. Sometimes the differences are drastic. For example, have a look at this chart comparing the send/response rates from messages broken down by race:

Click image to see the original post

They cover everything from race, to age, to profile best practices. Their sample sizes are in the hundreds of thousands, which is more impressive than most of the academic research I have read.

Whether you are looking for love, or have already found it, OkTrends offers interesting insights into human behavior.

OkTrends – Blog

OkCupid – Dating site

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