Getting Your Significant Other to Spend Less Time Gaming

This girl wants her significant other to play less World of Warcraft. Her chosen method is to delete her boyfriends account; unbridled rage ensues.

What a pair of brats.

If you are serious about getting your significant other to spend less time gaming, this is not a wise approach. What do you think the conversation between those two went like afterward?

I guarantee he didn’t walk up to her, give her a kiss, and say: “Baby, thank you for deleting my WoW character. Your actions may have been extreme but you’ve made your point. I play too much, and I am neglecting your needs, and our relationship. From now on, I’m going to limit the gaming.”

If he flipped out and broke up with her, I’d say she deserved it.

That account was worth money, and it represented a lot of time and effort. She didn’t delete it out of love, she did that out of spite.

If you really want your significant other to limit the gaming, have a conversation.

Be polite and respectful, open and honest.

Have reasonable expectation. There is a big difference between quitting, and scaling back.

If he/she really loves you, and really wants to be with you, they will adapt.

If your significant other doesn’t scale back it is up to you to determine how much you value the relationship. Some people aren’t going to adapt to meet your needs. If that’s the case, you may need to breakup.

But don’t be a spiteful child and destroy the work of someone you claim to love.

3 thoughts on “Getting Your Significant Other to Spend Less Time Gaming

  1. Maybe the girl didn’t know what damage she has done but still she was definitely wrong.
    Anyway, the boy’s violent reaction suggests gaming addiction, and it shows that he’s a brat. Maybe he deserved what he got :-)

  2. Deleting someone’s WoW toons is so wrong at so many levels, it’s totally unforgivable. It’s like pushing someone’s brand new Lamborghini off a cliff into the Ocean.

  3. Poch, she clearly knew what she was doing, and enjoyed herself in the process. Addicted or not, destruction of property is wrong. Even if it is digital property.

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