Geek Health: Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D (not abbreviated “VD”), we all need it.

You can get it from sunlight, fortified milk, cod liver oil, fish, and supplements. You need it to ward off a number of ugly diseases and disorders; my favorite being rickets (say it out loud, “rickets,” it’s fun to say… but not so fun to have).

When I went to my doctor for an annual checkup she informed me that she started checking her patients vitamin D levels, and found that many of them were low. I immediately thought, “that’s a geek problem.”

Turns out that I was right. I am a little low. It wasn’t shocking, I work at a desk, most of my favorite things to do are geeky indoor activities, and if given the choice, I would become completely nocturnal.

So now I’m trying to play guitar and read outside a bit more.

"I'm a good source of vitamin D!" ~ Mr. Sun

Here are my two points:

  • Next time you visit the doctor, have him/her check your vitamin D level
  • And get some damn sunlight. I know it’s going to screw-up the computer monitor tan you’ve been working on, but it really is important. Don’t get sunburn, but get some sun.

If I can drag my geeky ass outside, so can you.

For more on Vitamin D, how to get it, and the terrifying things that could happen if you don’t, check out what the Mayo Clinic has to say on the subject.

One thought on “Geek Health: Vitamin D Deficiency

  1. Very true. Most geeks don’t get enough sunlight because they’re always in front of their PC’s 24/7 (like me).
    At least office workers can get sunned on saturdays or sundays. Btw, vit.D won’t work without exposing ourselves in the sun.

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