The Most Dangerous Things You Can Do Online [Gizmodo]

Let’s be real, geeks know this stuff, and geeky websites like your’s truly and Gizmodo aren’t really helping their regular readers with this list. But there is an Internet full of non-geeks who could be spared a lot of pain if they take two minutes to read this.

Do them a favor, and spread the knowledge. Whether it be email, Tweet, sharing on Facebook, sharing in Google Reader, whatever you want, just spread the knowledge.

The list of online doom includes:

  • Checking the “Keep me signed in” box on public PCs
  • Failing to update Microsoft Windows OS /Java / Adobe Reader / Adobe Flash
  • Searching for celebrity gossip, incriminating material (i.e. sex tapes)
  • Using BitTorrent to download copyrighted software/film/TV shows
  • Searching for free porn
  • Online gaming (free to play, social games on Facebook and beyond)
  • Leaving Facebook privacy settings wide open, therefore exposing personal info to all
  • Connecting to unknown wireless networks
  • Using the same password for every single online account
  • Trying to get a free iPad, PlayStation 3 or similar gadgets (scams/phishing)

If you treat this as a list of things to avoid you will be golden. The one exception is updating your software… you should always update your software. [Gizmodo]

Please practice safe computing, and encourage others to do the same.

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