Microsoft Hosts Funeral for iPhone & Blackberry

Microsoft is launching Windows Phone 7 this Fall (Europe launches in October, US in November).

To celebrate, Microsoft held a funeral procession complete with bagpipes and hearses to celebrate the impending demise of iPhone and Blackberry.


Where’s Android? Do they not feel threatened by Google’s growing behemoth of a mobile platform, or is it an acceptable competitor?


Microsoft’s track-record with phones is terrible, and it’s not for lack of trying. Their most recent effort, the Kin was pretty much stillborn.


Microsoft isn’t just battling for hearts and minds of smartphone users (many of whom are deeply connected to the iPhone or Android platforms), they are going to struggle against the calendar.

Pretty much anyone with an Android is only a year into a two year contract.

Anyone with an iPhone 4 just signed a two year contract.

Microsoft seems to be targeting gamers by heavily integrating the phone into Xbox Live, and business-folk in the typical Microsoft enterprise software fashion, but is it really going to be enough to kill well-established brands?

Maybe they can slay the sinking Blackberry, but they don’t have a prayer against grumpy Uncle Jobs’ and Google.

Windows Phone 7 Funeral

How about this. We can all meet in Redmond again next year, same time and place. There will be a spectacular funeral for Windows Phone 7.

Source & Image via Neowin

One thought on “Microsoft Hosts Funeral for iPhone & Blackberry

  1. Great assessment of the phone market. I thought I was the only one who noticed that blackberry was falling behind the times and giving ground to the ever growing android behemoth. I defiantly feel like Windows 7 can find a place in this market if it can snag the fall out of blackberry. If they fall too far I would not be surprised to see Microsoft buy them.

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