Beautiful Blogs

Today was wireframing (and football) day. I spent much of the day working on wireframes for the future design of The Geek Whisperer.

What’s a Wireframe?

For those of you who don’t work with web designers, wireframing is like blueprinting a website. You create a stripped down model that is easy to change and manipulate, in order to determine layout and functionality.

Beautiful Blogs

A large part of figuring out how I want my blog to function is determined by my experiences with other blogs. So I spent a few hours looking at blogs I read, and blogs that have been recognized for having excellent design.

While hunting for beautiful blogs, I found this list of 50 Amazing Beautiful Blogs by Creative Nerds. They selected well.

I’ve got some unique ideas, and a wonderful designer, so hopefully the redesigned TGW is a crowd pleaser when I relaunch. I have no launch date, so don’t hold your breath.

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