Comic Book Hoarding

If you’ve ever frequented a comic shop, you’ve seen a middle-aged man-child purchase $80.00 in new comics in a single week.

That kind of a comic habit costs upwards of $4,000 a year before you factor in the money for bags & boards, boxes, time spent organizing, and reading time (if the hoarder even bothers to read all of them).

The compulsion to collect, preserve, and archive comics in mass quantities is not that uncommon, every thriving comic shop has at least a few hoarders.

Comic hoarding is a terrible habit to feed. Comic hoarders didn’t start out spending $80.00 a week, they gradually got there.

You read a few comics, then as you pick up new titles and read spin-offs, your pull-list continues to grow. When you are younger a lack of money cuts you off. As you age, that limitation is lifted, and next thing you know you’ve become the infamous old nerd who pisses and moans at the cash-register about the ever-increasing cover price of comics, yet you never cut down.

Remember, these books aren’t an investment. If you believe they are, try and sell them.

Read comics because you enjoy the stories and the art. Don’t read them out of habit, or compulsion.

Try throwing some comics away or giving them to kids (make sure they are age appropriate), I promise you the world won’t come crashing down on you.

Your thoughts?

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