For The Music Only – Williamsboy

For The Music Only is a non-profit music venue in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The stage is built in a private home. It’s cozy, the acoustics incredible, and they only bring in talented bands with a whole lot of soul.

This past Sunday they had a show headlined by Alejandro Escovedo, and he was great… But more on him tomorrow.

The opening act for Escovedo was Matt Williams, AKA Williamsboy. He played a three song acoustic opening set unaccompanied, and it was superb.

I have never written a dedicated post to an opening act, let alone one that played three songs, but the guy is that good. He sounds like Bruce Springsteen with a flair that is distinctly his own; a good Jersey rocker.

Williamsboy has four songs available for free download on his website, with a full-length album in the works. The recordings are damn good, and I can’t stop listening to them. I’m particularly fond of Analog & Roads.

Disclosure – I should mention that For The Music Only is run by my girlfriend’s aunt & uncle. Additionally, Williamsboy is produced by her uncle. None of that changes that the venue is awesome, and Williamsboy rocks.

For The Music Only


3 thoughts on “For The Music Only – Williamsboy

  1. Thank you So much for this amazing write up. It means alot to me that you would take time out of your day to write about me and my music. I really appreciate it.


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