2010 Holiday Buyers Guide

Let Santafest 2010 begin, try not to get maimed in a Black Friday stampede.

Here are some gift ideas for that special geek in your life:



HP Envy 14 – If I was buying a PC, it would be this guy.


11 inch MacBook Air – The compact, aesthetically pleasing notebook packs it’s fair share of power. If I have to buy a new notebook this year, it will be an Air.

Video Games

Xbox 360

Kinect – Microsoft’s motion gaming hardware turns your whole body into a controller. This is leaps and bounds more interesting that anything that Nintendo or Sony have going on. Microsoft’s motion technology represents the biggest leap in gaming technology since the Wii, and it will change a whole lot more than just gaming.

Halo Reach – The latest installment in the Halo series plays like a best-of game. It take the best elements of what came before it, and the result is a wonderful FPS.


Heavy Rain – This very adult murder mystery changed the way I think of video games. It’s not a long game, but it will stay with you long after you finish it.

3D Dot Game Hero – A modern-ish love-letter to the early Zelda games. This is a must play for old-school gamers.

God of War III – The journey of Kratos comes to a bloody conclusion. This is probably the best hack & slash/ puzzler made to date.

Xbox 360 & PS3

Mass Effect 2 – My favorite game of 2010. The science-fantasy story is so immersive that I didn’t want to stop playing. Every time they release new DLC, I go back for more.

Rock Band 3 – This is by far the best music game ever made. The pro mode actually teaches you to play a keyboard or guitar. I am waiting to buy it when the real guitar controller is released in March.

DVD / Blu-ray

Netflix – Don’t bother buying DVDs this year, a Netflix subscription will go a lot further.

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 – This year’s guitar festival hosted by Eric Clapton will amaze. The talent assembled is a rare sight to see, and will be truly special for any fan of the instrument.

Graphic Novel

Ex Machina – Ten volumes of brilliant dialoge and intrigue. It’s a story of politics and super-heroics. Think The West Wing meets The Matrix, but still very grounded.


Daemon & Freedom™ – These two books by Daniel Suarez take a very interesting and entertaining look at the state of the world, and the influence of technology. They are both geek and non-geek friendly.

Your thoughts?

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