Axl Rose Sues Guitar Hero

Guns N’ Roses (if you can still call it that) frontman Axl Rose is suing Activision, the publisher of Guitar Hero, over Slash’s appearance in the 2007 hit, Guitar Hero III.

According to a legal complaint obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Rose is pissed that Guns N’ Roses hit “Welcome to the Jungle” was featured in the game alongside a virtual appearance from Slash. Rose claims that Slash’s appearance in the music game violates an agreement that specified absolutely no references to the ex-GNR guitarist or the band Velvet Revolver in association with “Welcome to the Jungle.” (Kotaku)

Rose wants $20 million in damages.

I thought No Doubt and Courtney Love’s legal actions against Activision were nuts. Rose’s might be even crazier.

  • He is suing over a three year-old game.
  • He and GNR were given proper credit in the game for his creations.
  • I have no doubt that he has cashed the royalty checks from Guitar Hero III.

Why sue now?

Even if there is a violation of an agreement, both men have clearly benefitted monetarily. Plus the presence GNR in the game helped the image of his band, even if Slash is no longer a member.

It’s time to grow up Axl.

2 thoughts on “Axl Rose Sues Guitar Hero

  1. Well, Axl will never grow up. He is what he is. Petulant. Overbearing. Egotistical.

    The frontman for one of the greatest rock ‘n roll bands of all time, at one point.

    The fact that he holds such venom towards Slash is very surprising to me. Sad, too.

    GNR was what it was. I’m happy I saw them in the their prime. And, perversely, I’m happy to have been at the “G’NR Show that Never Was” – the Philly Spectrum show where Axl duped us all and never showed. I can’t remember if I was ever reimbursed for that.

    He is what he is.

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