Angry Birds Seasons – Android App Review

The mobile game phenomenon Angry Birds has over 30 million downloads across a number of platforms. Five million of those downloads come from Android.

Angry Birds on Android is a free download, that is completely supported by ads. Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds predicts that the game will bring in over $1 million by year-end. Pretty damn impressive.

Much of that ad revenue is due to the new version of the game, Angry Birds Seasons. Seasons is a compilation of Halloween and Christmas levels.

Everyday from now until Christmas, a new level will unlock in Seasons, encouraging players to return daily, triggering more ad revenue. It’s a clever idea, and it works because of the extremely large user base.

All of the good things I said about Angry Birds holds true for Seasons. It’s the same Birds you know and love, just with 70 new themed levels. How can you go wrong?

(Source – TechCrunch)

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