Facebook Counterculture

Facebook is massive. Not only does it have an unfathomable number of users, those users can’t seem to get enough of it.

Usage stats from Facebook

It’s grown into a phenomenon that transcends boarders, cultural differences and socio-economic backgrounds.

Created by Paul Butler

I hate the site, but I can’t keep from using it, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.


Facebook is massive, addicting, and multi-generational. Literally everyone and their grandmother are on Facebook.

As a consequence I see it going in this direction.

1 – Utility

First, Facebook becomes universal and ubiquitous, it will eventually become a utility. Governments will impose privacy and data regulations, and it will become a parallel version of the web.

2 – Counterculture

Because everyone, and their mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather are on Facebook, it’s universal appeal will eventually damage it’s “cool.”

How many things can you think of that have stayed “cool” for decades?

How many things can you think of that have stayed “cool” with so many generations getting involved?

Facebook is clearly here for the long-haul, and I’m not predicting its death. What I am suggesting is that some point in the future, a generation of kids are going to revolt against Facebook and other Internet sacred-cows through song, and more importantly, behavior.

The Internet is change.

It’s structure perpetually changes, and it is constantly changing the physical world. I’d be shocked if Facebook (or Google) were immune to that change.

(Sources: Facebook & Paul Butler)

4 thoughts on “Facebook Counterculture

  1. I don’t think a second Internet solves the problem. If governments and copyright holders can corrupt the one that exists, what’s to stop them from doing it a second time?

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