Tron: Legacy Review

Tron: Legacy is the long awaited sequel to Tron (1982) staring Jeff Bridges. Tron was one of the early cyber science-fantasy movies. It was corny as hell, but it had a significant impact on many-a-geek.

The good

This is a visually beautiful movie. It also integrated 3D in a way that wasn’t over-the-top, nor invasive. The use of 3D helped the movie (and I generally dislike 3D).

They managed to recreate 1982 Jeff Bridgers, and it looked good. I was impressed.

Tron: Legacy had two key messages:

  • Don’t try to build a perfect world
  • Software should be free

I found these messages interesting because the movie was made by Disney, the very same company that build a faux-perfect, Stepford-like town called Celebration, Florida.

Disney is also one of the corporate leaders in the imposition of draconian copyright laws.

The not-so-good

The editing was a little choppy, and the story could have flowed a bit better.

The ugly

Nothing to speak of.

The insanely hot

Olivia Wilde is crazy hot, and her formfitting black outfit is mighty sexy (Frotein).

The bottom-line

Tron: Legacy is a good time. The action is great, the pace is quick, and the story is compelling enough to keep you connected.

It also looks great on a big screen.

Your thoughts?

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