TGW Cited on Wikipedia

I just learned that someone cited me in a Wikipedia entry about Serenity/ Firefly comics. More specifically, my review of the recent graphic novel, Serenity: Shepherd’s Tale.

The passage I’m cited in reads:

Reviews of The Sheperd’s Tale were mixed. Sean Kleefield praised the storytelling, both its content and structuring, but reiterates previous comments that the comics are hard to comprehend without knowing the television series.[27] However, he opines that this may be a calculated decision to target the most likely market for the comic.[27] David Spira of The Geek Whisperer echoed Kleefield’s comments on the story while also praising the book’s artwork, but felt the comic’s release as an expensive hardcover was not justified by the content, and agreed that Book’s tale was “completely meaningless unless you are a Browncoat”.[28] The reviewer for Daemon’s Books found the recurring flashback structure confusing, and complained that the attitude of the Alliance towards Book in the episode “Safe” no longer made sense.[29] The goodtobeageek reviewer, Jessa Phillips, felt that the flashback structure was overused, and agrees with Spira’s comment on the value for money, but highly praises Chris Samnee’s artwork.[30] (Wikipedia)

I have no clue who wrote the entry, but I’m honored to be cited among a number of great reviewers.

This made my day. Hopefully no one edits it out for a while.

Wikipedia – Serenity (Comics)

TGW – “Serenity: Shepherd’s Tale” Review

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  1. It may increase your following. Always a good thing.
    Enjoy the holidays and best wishes to you and your family!!

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