Google App Inventor

I used to code.

At some point during my teenage years I decided that I wasn’t an incredible coder, so I stopped. It wasn’t one of my wisest decisions, but a lot of what I learned stuck with me. I still maintain a keen understanding of coding logic, and how it all works. What I’ve lost is the syntax; the ability to actually write the stuff.

One day I might reteach myself to code, but at this point my life I’m just not going to make the time.

Android App Inventor is a happy medium for me. It allows me to create Android apps without having to learn Java.

I was nervous and excited when I logged into the Android App Inventor for the first time this afternoon. I had been putting it off for a while, but the blizzard conditions outside freed-up my day for me.

After installing some software, I started the tutorial; HelloPurr.

HelloPurr is a simple application that looks something like this when finished.

When you touch the picture of the cat, it meows.

Here’s how the App Inventor works.

After finishing HelloPurr I threw together a second app for calling a few people who I contact on a daily basis, I called it ImportantFolk. It was easy to export to my phone and use.

I’m really looking forward to see what other things I can cook up with this tool.

Give it a try for yourself: Google App Inventor

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