Aaron Sorkin Discusses Palin on CNN’s “Parker Spitzer”

I’ve been sick since Tuesday. I’m talking full on can’t get out of bed sick. So I spent most of this week watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Sports Night, and The West Wing. Aaron Sorkin is without a doubt my favorite writer. I will watch, read, or sit through anything that the man wrote. Even when I disagree with him, I enjoy the way he strings words together.

The Interview

I google Sorkin from time to time to see if he has put out anything new. This evening I found this video of him appearing on CNN’s Parker Spitzer.

Sarah Palin

While I feel each and every point Sorkin made about the right-wing demagogue was accurate, the interview left me with the impression that promoting The Social Network was just an excuse to get on TV and bash on Palin (which I’m all for). The Social Network debuted in October, and the DVD isn’t coming out until January 11th; it’s odd timing for a promotion.

Eliot Spitzer

What really bothers me about the interview was neither Sorkin, nor his arguments. The location, or rather the interviewer is what has me peeved.

Eliot Spitzer, Sarah Palin, and John McCain are three politicians who are emblematic of my much of my despair with the current state of American politics. McCain because I deeply believed in him for years, and in the end, he turned his back on damn near everything he claimed to stand for. Palin because she is a mean-spirited, attention grabbing, moron. Even if you agree with her position on issues, her unscripted statements don’t make a bit of sense. Spitzer because he is the worst kind of hypocrite.

Spitzer made a name for himself prosecuting prostitution rings as Attorney General of New York. Within three months of his term as Governor he resigned because he was outed for banging a prostitute. CNN chose to give the bastard his own television show presumably because they figured they could squeeze some ratings out of the disgraced former Governor.

Eliot Spitzer is the kind of guy who would have been an antagonist in a Sorkin script. I’m generally good at separating artists from their art, but I have to believe that Sorkin sees Spitzer for the scum he is, and I’m disappointed that he was willing to use the man’s show as a soapbox.

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