Phoenix Jones: Real Life Super Hero

This isn’t a joke & it’s not the plot of a comic or movie… well it is, but it’s still real.

Meet Phoenix Jones, a Seattle-based costumed crime-fighter. He has a mask, an armored costume, non-lethal weapons, a cellphone, and a car. Phoenix can be found patrolling the streets of Seattle by night, along with eight (yes, I said eight) other masked avengers.

It may be funny to imagine a grown man running through the streets in a skin-tight costume, but this man means business. He really does help people. He’s been beat-up, stabbed, and generally hurt, and he does it all to make his city a better place.

There’s no paycheck, or insurance for masked vigilantes. He is putting himself at great risk to help his fellow man, and that kind of selflessness impresses the hell out of me… Even if I don’t think he is making a great life decision.

Finally, I have one suggestion for Phoenix. He should change his name to HIV-Man. Evildoers would think twice before making him bleed in their presence.


3 thoughts on “Phoenix Jones: Real Life Super Hero

  1. haha, “HIV man”… nice. :) I like your post, it’s funny. I
    live over here in Seattle and we think he’s awesome.He’s all over
    the news over here. I kinda made fun of him just a little on my
    Seattle blog:
    but overall, I think he’s very brave to stand up for people he
    doesn’t even know. Thanks for covering the story!!!

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