Corporate Copy Can Be Fun

It’s been my experience that corporations, or more specifically, their lawyers are allergic to any copy that is even remotely fun. This becomes even more apparent when they are editing and approving copy that meets a regulatory need. Typically, regulation copy is so overwritten and serious that you need a law degree to make head-or-tails of it.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Last month, Google mailed thousands cr-48 test laptops arms with Google Crome OS to Googlers, and members of the tech media. While the laptop and it’s OS  are interesting, the instruction manual that came with it is really cool. Yes, the instruction manual.

Here are a two clips from it.


If more instructions were written in this manner, perhaps people would actually read them.

Full cr-48 instructions (Via Reddit)

(Tradition poster from Despair)

Your thoughts?

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