Guitar Practice Tips from Pros

Over the last six months, I’ve become more serious about playing guitar. As a result, I’m working on creating a more structured practice regimen for myself.

At the moment it’s kind of a trial and error system while I determine what works, but I did find a series of tips from legendary guitarists John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Joe Satriani (Chickenfoot), and Dimebag Darrell (Pantera). While all three men are known for their shredding, the tips apple to any style of play.

Some of my favorites are:

John Petrucci – Use a metronome

I don’t use one often enough.

Dimebag Darrell – Play from the heart

If you aren’t feeling it, you’re doing it wrong.

Joe Satriani – Run through every chord you know

I have a feeling that this will help immensely.

John Petrucci – Record yourself

I’ve been messing around with recording, and it’s a pretty scary experience to hear your mistakes played back. It’s like listening to yourself on an answering machine.

Joe Satriani -Stay in tune

If the notes don’t sound right, it won’t feel right.

Have a look at their full list of tips.

John Petrucci

Joe Satriani

Dimebag Darrell

Your thoughts?

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