If You’re Not Using RSS, You’re Using the Internet Wrong

Any regularly updated website that is worth its bandwidth has an RSS feed.

What is RSS?

An RSS feed is a stream of page headlines and either a description of the content contained within, or the full page content. It basically makes strips out the design of a website, and delivers the content in an easily organized fashion.

The RSS logo typically looks something like this:

What do you do with an RSS feed?

If you follow multiple websites, RSS lets you do it quickly, and easily without much fuss.

All you have to do is pick an RSS reader such as:

They come in a lot of different flavors, the trick is finding one that meets your needs. I like Google Reader because I can access it from any computer, and my mobile phone.

Once you’ve selected a reader, all you have to do it populate it with the RSS feeds of the websites that you follow.

Why use RSS?

I’m a glutton for knowledge. On any given day, I skim a ton of web content. I could never take in the volume of information that I do without using RSS.

RSS is great because you can skip a day but the content is still saved. It’s there when you want to read it.

It allows me to keep up on technology, politics, blogs, deals, and many other topics. Without it the Internet would much less useful.


There aren’t any inherent risks other than information overload. If you follow too many websites, your RSS reader can become a bit of a burden, or even useless.

Be picky, and only include websites that really matter to you.

If things get out of hand, just “mark all as read.”


A thank you to my friend and fellow blogger Hollie at Rascal Design. Her post on blogs (which included a very nice TGW shout-out) inadvertently reminded me that I hadn’t written a post on the virtues of RSS.

Your thoughts?

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