iSin – The Confession App

Call me a heathen but I think this is hilarious.

There is an app on the iTunes Store called “Confession: A Roman Catholic App.” It costs $1.99, and it is the self-described “perfect aid for every penitent,” and comes with “7 different acts of contrition.”

It provides sins to choose from, or if you’re the creative type you can add custom sins.

From iTunes

Suggested Improvements

I’m all about helping people, so I’ve come up with a few ideas for future iteration of “Confession.”


foursquare gives users virtual badges based on location activity. Confession can give badges based on sins.

“You’ve taken the Lords name in vain 10 times. You’ve unlocked the ‘Say My Name!’ badge.”


Everyone’s got their favorite sin, now you can prove it with a foursquare-esque mayorship.

“Mayor of coveting your neighbor’s wife. You’ve confessed to this sin 837 times.”

Data Aggregation, Research & Publication

Pull in anonymized sin data to conduct research on the prevalence of reported sins based on region, demographic, and behavioral information.

Then they can start a blog called NotOkSins where they publish findings on sinful behavior (OkTrends).


Similar to badges, achievements can be used for more complex groupings of sins.



Regardless of your religion, it’s unwise to create a log of your bad behavior. Like my mom always said, “Don’t write it down if you don’t want people to read it.”

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